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Another character from Naruto. I'm not really a fan of his, but I felt like drawing him.
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He be like "da fuk you lookin' at?" (Sorry for my street talk, I'm a straight up G)
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I use it to my avatar.. thx ♥
Sagittarius79's avatar
"Error 404. Fuck not found."
eternalpose's avatar
i love shikamaru, this is great!
jazilala's avatar
omg this is cute
OutTheBoxes's avatar
mmn, very sexy~
HatakeKimura's avatar
He looks so sexy -v-
best8name8ever's avatar
he looks so damn seductive XDDD
dorkywaffle's avatar
I love Shikamaru and I love this drawing, I would even if I didn't like him.
Keep up the good work. :D
MariaPereira's avatar
I like him a lot :D And this is so amazing *O*
Serpiente-Solida's avatar
Amazing! Nice work.
pitschikofski's avatar
haha looks SO like shikamaru :D
great lightning btw!
XiXiXion's avatar
lxz4eva's avatar
He looks. . . evil. o.O
emotionispowerx3's avatar
I love shika! :D
Wonderful job!
Shikamaru looks... :bounce: cool?
Fantastika's avatar
that's good!^^
Love U shika!
IonaHazuki's avatar
AAhh!! $$exy, $$exy Shika-kun!! he;s mine mine mine mine mine mine mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Reject-Theft's avatar
Shikamaru, my favourite Naruto character, looking smexxi as always x) No but seriously nice work :)
victorvonvoss's avatar
looks kinda femine in this one--but great work!
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