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Brindle Seal Bay Broodmare

By sandeyes13
:new:EDIT: Not for Sale. Sorry.

I've been on a model horse kick, lol.
Here is my currently unnamed Brindle Seal Bay arabian x percheron cross mare. She's a Blue Box Blue Ribbon arabian mare (she is actually larger than most of my traditional scale breyers), with feathering sculpted on, and birdcatcher spots :heart:

She was also my airbrush tester, as I had never airbrushed anything before her-- it was very trial and error mixing the acrylics to the right consistency. So, she is acrylic airbrushed on, with black and brown pastel for the brindling, and acrylic as well as pastel for the white markings. She is probably one of my favorite models, lol.

All the images were taken on our kitchen table lol. I like shiny surfaces XD

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This is gorgeous!
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I have her :) I miss those blue ribbon horses.....I wish they would make them agin
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Me too-- I love the detail in her and her foal.
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Woah Sandy, I didn't know you were into customizing models. Awesome!
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Hehe yeah, I've been doing it on and off for a few years now. Its only recently that I've had the resources to do it more effectively lol. My first pair were a glossy mess, IMO.
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I'm trying to get into it, but I don't have all of my materials yet. I hope to post pictures if anything ever happens, though.
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*grin* Thank you :)
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can you do a palamino one
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A palamino how?
And no, not on this model-- I only had two of these mares, and this particular brand of models isn't produced any more.
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