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Rivendell WIP

By SanderWit
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I am currently working on Rivendell (the Elf-city of Elrond) scene (from the movie the Lord of the Rings from Peter Jackson based on the fantasy epic by JRR Tolkien) and it is coming along nicely IMO. It is done with the 3D app Blender. It is rendered with Pov-Ray. I still need a LOT of work, but I thought to show it here. Perhaps you guys can give me comments, critics, inspiration or new hope :P.


Sander "Roger" Wit

PS the WIP topic is here: [link]
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I don't know if you ever finished this, but so far, it looks freaking fantastic
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Mindblowing stuff. I really have to give it up for you. This is good work.
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my god excellent work..
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wow your good you should be a designer
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really like this one!!!

it looks like one of the drawings from the movie´s concept art...

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This is a great piece! Fav!
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you r a great artist
certainly lot of work
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I'm a bit further. Here's an update.
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Thank you. Sure, here is a screen grab of some different views.
It's not very clear, but perhaps when I'm a bit further, it will be.
I'l certainly post updates here.
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Impressive - I certainly hope to see the finished piece up here sooner than later. From you WIP stuff, it sure looks like you've put a lot of time and consideration into this piece. It was very interesting to see it develop.

P.S.: Do you think we could possibly see some other angles on the structure so far?
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