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You Can't Beat a Bit of Bully!

By sanders2192
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Iiiiiiin one!! Darling has been turned into a target for the amusement of Debbie and her pal Dennis. A dare phrased along the lines of 'Bet you can't fit through that Doggy Door with your figure, cousin dear' received a reply of 'Oh Yeah? Just watch!' 

Turns out, Debbie was right :D Darling better just hope Gnasher ain't in the vicinity... :D :D :D 

Drawn by the-killer-wc as per. Dennis' resemblance to Dennis the menace is far from coincidental - both he and Gnasher belong to the Beano Comic. 
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Is he the same Dennis the Menace from the beano comics?

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again, yes. or a 'version' of him, anyway. I thought he'd be a good pal for Debbie!

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Did she ever get out?
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Eventually. Some laughs were had at her expense first :D

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Yes, of course! But not without some struggle :D How else could she have gone on her further ill starred adventures?? :D

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they really can't miss! :D

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n: I searched "beanos"
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Thanks on behalf of the artist. What do you like about it?
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A booty that big is bound to be a target
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exactly my life philosophy!
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Darling's very large butt makes it an easy target for other harmless projectiles to make their mark.
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Harmless and not so harmless maybe? :-D
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Possibly. I do like the way you think. :nod:
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Wait until the next set of arrows ^U^
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Ooooone hundred and eeeeeightyyyy!
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Bad idea Darling but great view, now her tight jeans covered BIG Booty at the mercy of two menaces.  
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I don't expect there will be too much in the way of mercy! 
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that is some size of a bum... 
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