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Open House Frunzey

Exquisite Corpse with ChaosKatie

Pencils A4

I started the bottom half, covered it with only small strip to see and send it to Katie to finish the top half.

Please send some love to Katie's part over here:
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This was the drawing you talked about? Nice!
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I think so can't remember :lol:

Or this one: Facing Distraction by SanderJansen
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This is absolutely amazing.  The collaboration is seamless, I can't tell where one stops and the other begins.  You two did a fantastic job on this! 
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Thank you! I'm really happy with the result. Thanks for your kind words! Really appreciated :D
ChaosKatie's avatar
So much fun!! Thank you Sander. ;)
SanderJansen's avatar
Thank you too! Great result :D
NathanielRhodes's avatar
OH MY GOD it's like one of my dreams XD
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If you stop eating big meals before you go to bed, you will stop having dreams about things like this:nod:

Nicely done :thumbsup:
SanderJansen's avatar
But I love that kind of dreams :D
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Great sports in this one, is it panic ;)
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I love the little guy up top! hehe
SanderJansen's avatar
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Do you want to marry him? :|
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