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The Pollenator, Print

As shown above, you can purchase this as a print here: [link]
You can also buy gifts, including t-shirt, here: [link]

The Pollenator's name derives from its form, which follows that of a humming bird. It has also been said to resemble a frog, a bat, and a moth. It is a refined flying apparatus, capable of terrestrial and aquatic landings. Balance is perfected when possible with additional landing structures that clasp the ventral glider perch. It has simple controls made possible by highly sophisticated artificial intelligence technology. To enter the craft, the dorsal grilled grass surfaces slide across each other, and it is conventional for the pilot, passengers, and luggage to be lowered from above. It is armed with a crossbow, the "stinger", which is automatically reloaded upon fire. A work of whimsy by an artist who hates flying. But maybe in another universe...

High poly geometry, high res texturing, large scale render, 3ds Max, Photoshop (texturing), Scanline Renderer.

Shortlisted for Expose 6.

I just procured a copy of this poster at its largest, (I like doing quality tests) and it looks great, so feel confident! Get one of your own today! ;)
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Lakrenix's avatar
Me encanta el diseño.
SandboxAlchemy's avatar
nasa10seven's avatar
A really good design.
Myn-Anthony's avatar
Wow... I love it! It's a more delicate and fanciful design than some steampunk aircraft. Awesome. :D :+fav:
SandboxAlchemy's avatar
Thanks! I tried to conjure up something that I thought would be fun to fly :)
Myn-Anthony's avatar
differentego's avatar
wonderful! it reminds me of those strange machines designed by leonardo da vinci ;)
SandboxAlchemy's avatar
Thank you. I was to some degree inspired by those very machines!
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Ascynd's avatar
I like the atmosphere in this picture, and the vehicle is an intricate and interesting design. =)
Gashu-Monsata's avatar
Those wing looks paper thin... I'd hate them to split on me whilst flying it! :la:

Great work!
2MindsStudio's avatar
very nice and creative!
ProfessorBats's avatar
Very cool! Although I think you meant pollinator?
SandboxAlchemy's avatar
I'm glad you like! :)
ChaotikCatoo's avatar
So nice, whish that could exist.

Want one!!!
SandboxAlchemy's avatar
Haha! I agree, it would be fun if this was real! :)
kceg's avatar
Impressive stuff. Impressed the hell out of me!
LynLinz's avatar
Very cool object :)

Almost seems like it needs at least one 'arm/hand' up front.
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