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Dear friends,

I have finally started posting on my instagram.

Here is the link : www.instagram.com/art_of_sanda…

In addition, I am also on fb : [link]

Currently I am most active there, so I will probably respond there the quickest if you need to ask me anything! 

My portfolio of selected artworks are at artstation : www.artstation.com/sandara

It is getting difficult and confusing to navigate around the new Eclipse UI, so I might not comment as much here. I will however, still be posting artworks on DA as usual.  See you all around!

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HannahCanDrawHobbyist General Artist

Yessss, finally!

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silviyaHobbyist Digital Artist

See you on Instagram!:heart:

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Pendragon-ArtsProfessional Digital Artist

You are are and always have been that part of DA that made this site fantastic. You inspired us all through the years. Thank you for your amazing talent, inspiration and works. You will be missed here on DA though you are not alone in your decisions and difficulties. Many blessings to you. Health, wealth, happiness, success and love I wish for you where ever you go and what ever you do.

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Cool, I'm definitely following you on Instagram and Artstation.

Your art is so amazing.

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dukethProfessional Filmographer

Makes sense, DA has become an absolute mess.

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PimpernelHobbyist Photographer

I totally understand about Eclipse. But I don't like viewing art on Instagram or Facebook because I feel it's less about the art and more about scrolling down to see more posts - less attention for each piece.

Hopefully I'll still be able to catch you here :)

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I understand! I don't like the image size ratio restriction on instagram either, but I thought I might as well give it a go.

I'll still post here, no worries!

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nuts, i can't see anything without an account

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I'll still be posting here on DA, no worries!

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Following you on istagram <3 Glad I can see your art there since DA has become insufferable

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Wings-DragonHobbyist Digital Artist

Following you! I chose to post in Instagram as well but I not feel like I´m able to leave Deviantart...

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I'm not leaving DA, I will still be posting here. :)

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SavageFrogHobbyist General Artist

I don't blame you since many people are having difficulty navigating the site right now & I hope that you have a lotta success on there too!

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Thank you :)

I will still post here on DA though!

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RoseSparrowHobbyist Photographer

Followed :)

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llamadoradaProfessional General Artist

Great!, im new too in Instagram. I will follow you!

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vidgamer123Hobbyist Digital Artist

See you on Insta!

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