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Dear friends,

Due to overwhelming support, we have had to close our dragon pendant kickstarter early. It is successfully funded and we will be working on production.

thank you all for the support!


2b50a515-5d82-4280-8d15-7b6474f4e45d by sandara
*finally gotten round to taking a photo of our pendant on a model....XD
Sleeping Dragon pendant - Live on kickstarter now! by sandara

Hi everyone,

So our Kickstarter had gone live yesterday and we've already hit our goal!
Production is now a sure thing. Thank you everyone! :)…

The Kickstarter will run till 13th December, so there's still time to nab one of these pendants! :)

6a544bc93ffae4437e60520711e58d0d Original by sandara

4b0fab5d55b7ffcaf3ed0b2ad1d889b9 Original by sandara
Hi everyone!

Remember this sparkly dude?

Sparkle Kitty Dragon by sandara

Well, he is part of a game called Sparkle Kitty Nights -
and the Kickstarter is now live! Check it out here:…