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wild creatures 1

wood nymph
5-6 hrs
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my grandpa made a grim ripper riding a motorcycle.....I'll upload it at somepoint.
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The only point confuses me: the person looks like female, but generally horns are for male only. I know this is fantasy etc... anyway.
Face, hands... they are wonderful.
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I love it, very beautifully done !
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This is amazing! What program do you use?
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Her horns and forehead piece are beautiful.
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I love the colors.
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I was going to make a list of what I love so much in your artwork, but I just like every single thing - every single detail of it is gorgeous and well done. Absolutely loving this.
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I love her eyes.
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The soft green of the eyes and the rotting image of the skull is awesome :)
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Used your stunning work here ^^ : [link]
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love this her face has so much emotion
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Inhuman to human, life into death, wild into the tamed...this is a fantastic piece of work. The perfect blend of beast, plant, and human.
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Wow... Wild is right. So inhuman and uncaring somehow... yet beautiful and alluring.... I love your work!!
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Beautiful piece.
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I love this pic, it has so many elements that I love and I think the skull is a great touch!!
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Her eyes are hypnotizing :O

Really a beautiful artwork ! :clap:
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5-6 hrs?? My god.....
During that time I could... Open the program XD
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this is just gorgeous.
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I featured your lovely art here; [link] , keep up the fantastic work!
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