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the white griffin


:iconoh-mercy-me: has written a short story for it here : [link]

:iconthe-blue-wolf: has written a short story here : [link]

:iconroyal-dragon: has written a short story : [link]

:iconisleintheskye: has written a short story here :[link]
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I love how much detail you put into this artwork.  The Scene itself tells a story.  I love it a lot!
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Astonishing work!
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(Please someone get that reference)
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It has also inspired me to write a short story :)
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Personally, I find this image quite inspiring.
KashmiraDragonGodess's avatar
such an inspiring peice. is it still ok to make up a short story for it?
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I love all the details and ideas you can get from these small glimpses into another world. So much can be drawn from these pictures, and they are beautifully illustrated.
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Absolutely beautiful scene. I love how much attention you put into the details, into the lovely mountains, into the shadowy audience, into the people, and into the majestic gryphon. 
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No way! I saw this picture before i joined deviantart, and i thought, "Man that's an epic picture!" now i know who the artist is! Epic picture Sandara! :happybounce: 
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I hope it is alright that I feel inspired by your work yet again and will write a short story about it. All credit will be given to you, of course.
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wow i´ve seen it since .. i dk.. and still love it so much! <3
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I'll have to give this a think and contribute a short story as well :)
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Is it possible I could write a little story about this piece? I feel so inspired by it! I'd credit you of course!
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This is a very beautiful picture. It shows both the cruelty of man and the vulnerability even mythical animals can become subjected to because of man's innate greed and malevolence. Its gorgeous, I love your attention to detail. I love it! Well done! :glomp:
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I absolutely love how you went all Socrates on this picture
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First thought in my head: Ouch...somebody's about to get their but kicked by Skandranon Rachkae....
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oh my god, i had that same thought! loved those books!
have you read the collegium chronicles?
Oakwyrm999's avatar
Currently reading the fifth book!
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