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the eye of tempest keep

the... pinkest... boss fight ever XD

Teilea and friends :)
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Aaaaaah Kael'thas, the swag until the very end !
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love it, hated this boss though :P
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Loque! i see him! XD
But ya. very pink room. but still pretty awsome :)
Love the detail on the characters.
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Cool and badass pinkish..! :XD:
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Oh man, WoW, it's been so long since I've played this. I might have to do it again sometime soon. I miss it.

I remember doing this dungeon for the first time at lvl 85. My guild was bored so a bunch of us, all lvl 85, just went in and ran the dungeon. lol It was pretty quick. xD
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It is phenominal how dynamic this image is.
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Them is a LOT of pink
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Why they want to kill him?He is not that bad guy:worry: .
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Never did this boss fight during BC days but went in there at 85 with three other pals and since we weren't sure what to do we died...*hangs head in shame*
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I hate that dungeon lol
But love this xD Very pretty~
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I miss this game -- but only Vanilla and TBC -- the other expansions disappointed me.
Though they didn't disappoint me in the art, it is outstanding as always.
It was the people that made me hate the game :/

Really beautiful drawing, the details are delicious (yes, I refer to art as delicious ^^)
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If only wow was as cool as this picture would make you believe
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thats crazy aweosme there
this is the only way that the pink looks badass
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lolit was very pink, i remember doing this is was a real challenge for me and my gang but we eventually defeated him
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