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a card i did for FFG's warhammer invasion LCG donkey years ago... XD
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Majestic dragon Light Blue Heart Bullet Light Blue Heart Bullet Light Blue Heart Bullet 
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Outstanding dragon design!
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This is great love the dragon 😁
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The composition works well. Good job.
HammerinInkminer's avatar're art never ceases to amaze -- almost always beautiful and often times imposing.
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He lives up to his name, <sight> what I would not give to rider such a mighty beast into battle, just as Asuryan & Caledor Dragontamer did,
DragonGirlHJM16's avatar
How did you get so good?
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Can i plz use thsi picture on a forum? I will give credit and a link back here if yes!
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You seem like someone who could design some killer monsters for a Shadow of the Colossus type game.
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this is so good it should be in a movie
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Beautiful... Yet Deadly... Love it! <3
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Holy cow, this reminds me of the lord of the rings for some reason + I love the color scheme for this one
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Awesome dragon and great art work, well done.
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love this color <3
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Great and beautiful design :D
God, the first thing I thought was Lily from the Temeraire series, especially with the horn-bone things on each side of the face. Impressive picture, though!
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Excellent :) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Daaamn man draw a blue eyes white dragon i wanna see it that HD ure VERY good
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I love the beautiful blue you used! 
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