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seisen no iberia (Shaytan)

By sandara
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Character from Revo and Sound Horizon's Seisen no Iberia :heart:

Fixed the hair


Is this a very small fandom? I just got into Revo's music coz Bravely Default was so well done.
I really like his music too! Though some of it is hard to get into....but damn is he cute!
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Edwardv17Hobbyist Photographer
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OpiumJProfessional Writer
Wonderful character art. I'm not sure who this is but he's one of those beautiful dangerous types that are so likable. You managed to portray a lot of emotion in his eyes, and you did an amazing job with his wild crazy hair. I love villains, anti-heros and characters that look like them and he seems like one of them so I favorited this pic.

If you like good video game music you should listen to the NieR soundtrack, followed by the remixes, it's some of the best tone setting, if not the best video game music, I've heard. Make sure it's the old NieR that was on xbox too and not the new one that's coming to PS4 and PC (Automata) although that might have some good music as well since it's by the same composer I think.

I'll have to give Bravely Default a try.
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AvilinaChant Digital Artist
I've been following you for a very long time! I must've missed your other SH fanworks or something so...welcome to Sound Horizon Kingdom!

Anyways, you're right, the fanbase is much smaller overseas (especially here...Canada >.<).
Revo's music is quite popular in Japan itself though! BD's concert is so perfect and beautiful! It's one of my own favourites out of all of his concerts.
There's so much of his stuff though, and it can be very complex when trying to understand the story lines (never mind all the theorizing). Just enjoy the music first! :D

Gorgeous and epic Shaytan btw. :heart:
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PrincessMegan26 Traditional Artist
Amazing art !!
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Okay. This is AMAZING.
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SOUND HORIZON!!! I love it!!! <3
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kiri-kitsuneStudent General Artist
you don't know how unbelievably happy it makes me to see such an amazing artwork from you for something that is so very close to my heart as Seisen no Iberia <3
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DarkSayaHobbyist Digital Artist
Just Amazing! <3
Glory to Sound Horizon!!!
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aequitas144Student Writer
totally thought this guy was a castanic from tera.
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yayamiho-chanProfessional Digital Artist
omg aldhasl0dah why--- so beautiful---  *A* *dies from heart attack*
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KaohzWolfHobbyist General Artist
I think I'm in love o-o
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kancutboyProfessional Digital Artist
what shaytan...?? mean the devil???
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No, just a character in a play by Revo. :)
He is some kind of demon though.
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kancutboyProfessional Digital Artist
i really love your art... how do you make this?? have you ever been take art classes?
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This was painted in photoshop, with a wacom tablet. Yes, I took watercolor classes for many years, and taught myself digital painting for many years also. :)
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kancutboyProfessional Digital Artist
hmmmm.... have you been married...???Wink/Razz Wink/Razz Wink/Razz 
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yes, i am. :)
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kancutboyProfessional Digital Artist
oooh nooooooooooo........ SCREAM 
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Me encanta, te felicito ^^.
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love this image
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I got into Revo's music for the same reason, and the more I listen the more I get addicted. That painting of yours is mind-blowingly awesome and well done !
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maybe for some people, Sound Horizon is (very) small fandom. but it famous in japan and many doujin you can enjoy it.

wow. I can't say anything except wow. I can imagine Layla will scream when she see Shaytan like this. DAMN!! IT'S TOO COOL!!
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So stunning, its a luxurious image, the hair, the coat, those horns that just seems very sharp and real.  Such a rich work to look at.  Beautiful work. :)
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BillyNikollHobbyist Photographer
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