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river process

my process.... i pretty much finished the background before painting in the dragon.

sorry for the sudden jump in the head painting... i pretty much detail it all in one shot.

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the stick figures in the first panel-

lmao this is beautiful in about sixteen different ways

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What app do you use
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yep, Im literally lost at step 4 -> 5
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Me too! I was like, wait wait wait, did I move my mouse too fast? 
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I really like how you use the water to make the scales stand out more
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OMG. I can't believe I found the artist for this by accident. This is my opening screensaver on my tablet. I always try to trace it back to the artist but it totally eluded me this time. I'm so happy I stumbled across this.
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That sketch was gorgeous btw.
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May I ask the sizes of your canvas? I am having some trouble adjusting the size of my canvas :/
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i hope you dont mind senpai, i used your work as a study! thnx for brush set too!… xie xie ^.^
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hello sandara senpai, do you mind if it try to repaint or copy this piece as a study? I downloaded your brush and i want to learn how to do it liek this T_T
Your art is lovely! Thank you for sharing this with us!
Me:Okay I understand how you did it.Yes,yes...Next panel later.Macaronis in a pony one moment this mass of colour refined into avery beautiful dragon.I know what's going on.ILLUMINATI!But the process is amazing you are very talented in painting Missy or Mister-y?
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yaaay chinese dragon o3o
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yoooooo this is incredible
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Dang, you make it look so easy! :omg:
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Wow this is amazing. Great job.
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Wow, I love how you paint the movement of the water! And the details on the Dragons face are amazing!
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Hey what software do you use?

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I love how you did the water and as the water falls from the dragon. Could you make a tutorial about the water? Llama Emoji-10 (Shy) [V1] 
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can i share this?? can i??  ><
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You had me in awe on the second pic
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lol i love the first picture. id put that on my wall
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