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my belated year of the dragon pic :P

for once i have a story for my picture...

in chinese mythology, dragons are associated with water, rivers and seas.
this picture was inspired by an old chinese myth i read when i was a kid. it was kinda like a kipling "how did_____ get its ______". in this case, it was how did china get its rivers.

a long time ago, china had no rivers, so the people had to depend on the rain to water the crops. however, one year, the jade emperor neglected to send down the rain, since he was having such a good time up in heaven.

there were four dragon princes living in the sea at that time, and they had a pretty care-free life, frolicking among the waves. however, things got so bad on land that the cries and wails of the people were heard even under the waves and the princes ventured to take a look.

the land was so parched the crops had died and famine was rampant across the lands. taking pity on the humans, the four dragons flew up to heaven to plead with the jade emperor to send down the rain. their pleas fell on deaf ears, however, and the dragons were sent back down to the ocean.

one of the princes grew angry and suggested that they take the water from the sea and spray it down on to the land. (i guess salt water just made things worse, lol) the dragons tried this for a couple of days, but it just wasn't enough.

finally, the princes decided to sacrifice themselves for the people. going on to the land, they turned themselves into rivers. hence the four great rivers of china were created: Heilongjiang (black dragon river) in the north, the yellow river and the yangtze (changjiang) in the central region and the pearl river in the south.
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I thought it best to bring it up on here since this is the artwork in question this is about. While searching the Samsung wallpaper options I noticed that this piece here was listed as a buyable wallpaper for $1 since May 26 of this year, and it lists the designer as being zhenbangliu

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I was just about to mention that I've also seen it advertised as wallpaper on different sites. It's frustrating that people are profiting off of or claiming something they did not make.

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amazing! and a awesome story to go with it :3
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...once of the best-looking Chinese dragons I've ever seen.
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I got used to seeing Chinese dragons up in the sky, so this immediately caught my eye.
I love how all the details are focused on the dragon's head and everything around it is slightly less detailed which gives it a nice feel and is pleasant to the eye. 
This Tunisian news site is using your artwork without permission. Please contact them to teach them to be a bit more professional.…
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Hmm,....if its need be dragon's hair would be white, scale to mix of purple, blue, teal and glowing...if its pretty.
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for Ryujin's
THIS ARTWORK IS SUPERB!! Can you make a frontal view of this one? I want to see the detail of the dragon head. Thank you. Much appreciated!
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I wanted to draw a dragon and i searched on Google and got inspired by your painting I hope you dont mind Sweating a little... 
B O N D by MinaArte
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Great Image

Fernando Coutinho
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Amazing work!
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Dragons are the best.
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No words to describe about this art Heart Heart Heart 
this... I don't know what to say other than: it is beautiful, keep drawing this is amazing.
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