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for my son
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I'd love to know who's huge talons those are...
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Hey I have been looking for this drawing. I kind of redrew this but with the baby dragon being scaley and having a flaming tipped tail, and stuff. Now I found U and I can give u credit. Urs is like 10000x better. Just asking for permission to keep it up. If no I can take it down.
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Wow! I accenditally found in in internet a few years ago and I've had it as my smarphone wallpaper for quite a time because of how amazing this drawing is! Didn't know it was yours! Thank you very much!!!
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I just amazing ...
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Hey, just to let you know, someone is using this piece as advertising in their shop without giving you any credit. They have been doing it to a lot of other artists on deviantArt too.…
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Mother of god Such an imposing piece. I love it.
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I just love this drawing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Wow...just wow. And I love the way you drew the baby to look like a dragon but still cute!
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That's very precious indeed. Both the gorgeous drawing and the wonderful baby Heart 
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Oh wow this is amazing
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Will there be a picture of dragon-mommy?
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OMG! that dragon is so cute!!!! 
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Beautiful picture :wow; :iconfavbomb-plz:
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D'aww, such a cute widdle dwaggie! Best not get too close, though - Mommy tends to get a bit overprotective....

Absolutely beautiful. I love all the detail you put into everything, from the mother's overlapping, weathered plates to the baby's reflective scales to all the coins and other items in the hoard. I love the contrast between the very dark body of the mother and the shiny gold and lighting effects in the center. Keep up the amazing work!
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This is the yin in the shadow of yin.
This is the innocence that the beast that protects him has.
OMGOSHHH <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3
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Beautiful contrast between the big bad dragon and the little cutie. Well-protected little baby :) Amazing work!
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From the big, scary looking dragon (those claws!) to the sweet and innocent expression of the little dragon...this piece is amazing! I hope your son liked it!
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So adorable and precious, I love this! :love: The baby looks so cute and innocent, and well-protected. And he is pretty big, I just noticed the size comparison between him and the crown. :XD: I hope your son liked this!
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