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Dear Nihlus,

You were so very handsome and cool.

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Have a dog named after that guy! Great art
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I really wish he'd gotten more time in the game.
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I concur. He was handsome and cool...
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wow nice work!
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Nihlus reminds me female turian Nyreen.
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They'd make a great couple.
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I don't know why I liked this guy. He died within the first five minutes of playing. Yet, for some reason, he's probably one of my favorite turians. Must be the armor XD.
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My sweet Nihlus. :alphaosiris:

Remember that i will always love you :heart:

R.I.P :(
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aww i love this guy
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Best turian after garrus:)
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yeah I love Nihlus
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Amen... I wanted to choke a BITCH (Saren) after that. :(
Very lovely art, by the way. :)
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I second that.
Dear Nihlus, you were one of the moat beautiful turians I've ever seen. I've searched all over, but there;s no one like you... so I made an OC in loving memory. :meow:

Beautiful work here, but i didn't have to tell you that. =D
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This. <3 This is the look he gives you just as he jumps out of the back of the drop-ship.

I'm never going to get attached to characters early on in a game ever again.
"I move faster on my own." Hrmph. Arrogance! Arrogance! And see where that got you, bub?! I was all: "Come back Mr. Cool Turian! When are we gonna team up and battle evil together?!"

I probably would have failed his little Specter test, though. So I suppose it's a good thing he didn't see how miserable I am at this game. But I will stagger through it for the sake of story!
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Wow awesome artwork. I also wonder if I can ask you a question about it.
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That's very pretty. Poor Nihlus ... why did you have to die???
I see I'm not the only one who really liked Nihlus... I was sad to see him go so quickly. :(
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