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monstrous child - Ultron

Ultron's classic face.

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Ultron always going back to the classics.

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this Ultron yes imposes respect
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Iron Man - i might be a succesfull man, but Ultron is my greatest failure
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no woman no cry
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His classic face is so much better than his movie design's face. But then again, take the movie version of practically any character that originated in something else and it's a safe bet I like the movie version less.
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well, I mean, war machine was pretty on the dot in terms of accuracy, the only thing that was missing was his shoulder mounted repulsors and what-not.

also Ultron's theme(advertisement not intentional…)
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My fingers are triple crossed in hopes of Ultron's return in a future movie and he can have his crazy 4 arm body.
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I fucking hated Ultron's design for the movie, they could have made it more alike to the original, but no, they wanted to give more facial expressions to the fucking robot
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I love the energy in this
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Love the style!
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Oh my! That's OUTSTANDING! :D
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Such an impressive art o.o
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A person who has favorited this piece of art - NutoneGoose - has doxxed a friend of mine on DA and I'm reaching out to you in case you know him or can ask him to stop.  

He let everyone know exactly how to go about getting her personal contact information in step-by-step instructions.  He let people know exactly what to search and where and what information they would find.  And he did this, knowing that she's already been the victim of doxxing and rape.

I apologize for the intrusion onto your art page and I will delete this as soon as NutoneGoose takes it down (I have no desire to humiliate him), but people are sending actionable threats to rape and murder someone I know and Deviantart is unlikely to take action for at least a few days.  He needs to take the information down.

Can you help?
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*Ultimate gasp* This is SO much better than the movies!!!
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Like this better than the movie design
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This is mind-blowing. Holy crap. Great job!!
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Holy crap, this is epic!!
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