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lovers in darnassus

world of warcraft fanart

Teilea and Sefoniel :)

(raven lord mount lurking in the background)
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Great Image

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This is a lovely picture. Teledrassil is one of the prettiest zones in Azeroth. I like how you depicted it.
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love the color palette Clap 
Ticah's avatar
i love this picture! the mood is unbelievable - you can feel it!
shiverwings's avatar
She looks EXACTLY like me! :noes:
ObscuroArcanum's avatar
Not a fan of WoW and have never played a game, but the fanart created for it is amongst the best
there is. This is just gorgeous! :love:
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I love the light in this one!
ArtJake's avatar
I had this art as wallpaper a loooong time, and I always thought that it is artwork from blizzard because it's so professional and perfect. Anyway I'm impressed beautiful work ! :D
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That's a wonderful art : )
Lunet12's avatar
Oh my gosh you play wow! WOW! i do too! or well i used to...but i havent paid in a while :/
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This is truly magic and you have succesfully touched the magnificent and gentle side of the it <3
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so cute ^-^ lovely work!
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The Raven Lord mount lurking in the background is awesome lol Beautiful work!
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beautiful and lovely
Pixelmaster74's avatar

I love your work-I just feel like I'm so old school, I need to learn how to do digital art-and I love world of warcraft!!


CelestialDrake's avatar
Raven Lord is creepin' :eyes:

I have tried to get that mount over 20 times lol
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i have an account to WOW but i haven't paid for it in a while so i can't play it at the moment but i will soon get back on it
So lovely. The guy is obviously an elf, but is the girl a human?
Defgon's avatar
most likely but i want to know what class they are (priest, mage, warlock, druid)
celesleia's avatar
I'm a paladin. That's my Human paladin Teilea - The gear is purely for looks!
Defgon's avatar
never really cared for the hawkstrider mounts though... i prefer wind riders, drakes, horses,and swift wolfs
Defgon's avatar
cool, i finally got my account back up and running XD
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love all your stuff, wow so many great artists on deviant its great to come across another one and this work is just beautiful it inspires me to practice more
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I seriously don't trust that Raven Lord. No bird lives with good intent, honest truth.

Lovely piece of work - stirs emotions!
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