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let's dance

bayonetta and kratos (god of war) fanart :) as requested by my hubby.

they are from 2 of my favourite action-genre games :D

if they ever met.. i guess they'd probably... play the GoW minigame with each other. XD

i guess their games are very different in terms of style... but, somehow it's very pleasing to draw them together. probably because they are such opposites to each other.

kratos is primarily white with red highlights, very masculine, bald :D

bayonetta is primarily black with red highlights, very feminine and with a lot of hair XD
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Bayonetta should have battle Medusa
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Bayonetta would win easily
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that should be an interesting fight
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Like is comment if you want kratos in super smash bros ultimate
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Both bayonetta and Kratos have done ridiculously impressive feats, but it shouldn't take more then one scene with Bayonetta to realize Kratos is fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucked
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Bayonetta wins. Also, why is it whenever people put a guy against a girl people say they'll have sex? lmao
Kratos would get a bullet through his brain before he knew wtf was going on. Witch Time ftw! ^^
This would be an interesting fight.
Bayonetta: The last of the Umbran Witches, the Left Eye, and wielder of the powers of the denizens of Inferno. She who defeated Aesir, the God of Chaos and Lord of all Creation. Going up against Kratos, a Spartan demigod/god with serious anger issues.

I'm calling it! Bayonetta! All the way! (Plus, I love how you made her hair look so beautiful yet deadly. Like a whip! Great job!)
I like both characters equally but I think a both Darksiders Death and Bayonetta would be in my opinion better.

Still really fantastic art nonetheless.
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Oh this a tough one.
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Not sorry Bayonetta that Kratos will kill you. He always comes back from Hades
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Maybe she could make him a wig or something... Great piece! <3

Don'T like baynoetta finish her KRATOS!

Where was I AH critic, really well done the colouring top notch and the pissed off expression of Kratos manages to scare the shit out of me so good job.
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I love this one! I love God of War...omg! :happybounce: 
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Great picture, it would make an epic movie :D
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Awesome work here
Let's be honest though! If they did meet, bayonetta would kick his ass no question!
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Your kidding right? A girl with hair powers vs a god?

That's like Marvels Ares VS Marvels Medusa.
Hair Powers?! They are called Wicked Weaves: a fighting style practiced by the Umbra Witches! And if Bayonetta 2 has shown us anything, it's that she is more than equipped to take down Aesir, the God of Chaos. I think one Spartan demigod/god is no match for the last of the Umbra Witches!
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Yup, as I said, fucking hair powers, she aint beating a guy that killed ALL the greek God's, you seem like the type of person to downplay the person you are attacking.
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