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3hr speed paint
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Olá , Meu nome é Erich Noronha. Sou escritor e estou lançando o meu primeiro livro no formato de e-book. Estou procurando por uma capa de meu primeiro trabalho e gostei muito da sua, pois combinamos com o titulo do meu livro, como é: As Crônicas de Gredon: A Batalha de Righto. Vou publica-lo em breve na Amazon, no Wattpad e em outras plataformas digitais de leitura. Sem mais delongas, como faço para poder usar sua imagem?

Pode me contactar pelo facebook: erich.noronha
ou pelo Google plus: 109246524947454634054

Desde já independente de sua resposta, agradeço pela atenção e desejo sorte dos nossos trabalhos!
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3hr! thats some insane control over the technique, great work
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This is amazing! XD
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This piece is perfect for the kind of thing I'm looking for. How much do you charge for commissioning something perhaps much smaller but in this same style?
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Wow! Cool! nice work.
I love this! Helmet of horse,the tower,i love this.
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Hey there, would it be okay if I used this image on my site promoting a modernised version of chivalry?
You can check out the current site here:

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A speed paint? Wowza. Colour me impressed. It's great. :)
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Everytime I peek by your portfolio, I always find more wonderful pieces I missed the last time! Even with this as a speed paint, I love it! I adore the composition and the untold story viewers can imagine on seeing this piece!
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I love this piece. Do you ever do images for bookcovers? I am an author of historical novels and I have a medieval work in process that I would love to talk to you about. You can email me at

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I don't think I can find words for how well this is done.
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Wonder if this knight it with, or against, the other horsemen in the background. Either way this is really cool.
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3 hours?!?!?! this is a masterpiece!!! I love art like this and hope to be able to make some myself soon <3 Keep it up!
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soo beautiful *_*
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is that adobe illustrator or something else?
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Damn, you're good with photoshop
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It's not my work, I just happend to awnser your question =w=
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