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yet another rough one...
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...up close and personal, very nice.
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Absolutely love this design, not to mention the fantastic color & composition.
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OH MY GOD! So, before I was on a bone dragon drawing by her then I saw this and I was like, "This is another bone dragon, isn't it?" Then I click on it and it scared me but I went like this, "*breaths in deep* welp, that was scary..."
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Fangirl you call it rough, I call it amazing!!
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How long do these take? :o must be very long you are a very talented artist! ;)
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It almost feels like it's actually going to rip itself from the screen and kill you on the spot! Amazing!
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Really cool drawing. Also "RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!"
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How do I art?
Seriously, amazing, like really brilliant. Give me your skills!
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i almost feal sory fore those soldiers.....almost :D
It is wonderful.
5h0071n9-574R's avatar
shieeet xD
Awesome pic =]
Scadrafein's avatar
Oh wow, that is fantastic. The power the dragon shows is incredible! 
vbwyrde's avatar
Oh my.  I don't suppose my +1 vs Dragons lance is actually going to do very much after all.  Just a hunch.  Hmmm... Hmmm... Hmmm.... .  I know ... I think I will RUUUUUUUUNNNNNnnnnnnnnnn!!!!! 
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this is my favouriteDancing Dragon Updated 
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zerosyn's avatar
awseome dynamic, great concept and dragon!
FreewolfsVoreInstit's avatar
i'm fan of your work *^*
Popcorn111's avatar
I love it. Those warriors don't stand a chance.
wbyrd's avatar
NO way....I am out of the warrior business....I'm going home to start pig farming....there aint a princess fair enough to make me get in that things path.
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zenkai97's avatar
don't worry natsu the dragon slayer… can beat him up or my dragonborn character Silver can kick his… or that guy in skyrim
Orion-Pax-117's avatar
lol this one look awesome!
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Poweful ! I really like this one.
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