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healer takes the kill

back in the good old days, you could take down the undead with a Curaga or Phoenix Down. XD
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And if you beefed that healer with more healing

power and gear that phoenix down could absolutely

kill something that big in one shot!!!:ladummyhighfive:

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that look when you realize you're boned xD
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"Oh no, not the feather! Anything but the feather!" 
Up until now, I didn't get the reference. Amazing work!
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that is a look of 'oooooh noeees' on the Dragon XD
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That healer is a harmasist.
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Actually this still happens in Bravely Default and Bravely Second
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Your artwork is beautiful!
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Nice work and cute creatures *Free Icon/Emote* Fluffershy Pusheen 
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Those seriously were the good old days. I love this piece. Great job on contrasting the two colors of the cool blue and warm reds and oranges. It really allows your eyes to dive into the piece and absorb it all in. I love the expressions on everyone's faces too! Also, the splashing effect of things crashing into each other in the background is also really nice as well as the movement and flow of the characters. Nice work! The only thing that I would love to see in your work is more details. You do a great job with getting the action in the picture and drawing in the viewer to be mesmerized by what's going on. It would be just more fun for me if there were cool little details and items for my eyes to linger on and study. It definitely takes a heck of a lot more time and frustration, but boy it would add just a little more shine to your already amazing pieces. Love it!
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The scene is so much cuter than the title led me to believe. Love the concept though. And the dragon is awesome.
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OMG SOOO CUTE >w< *w* I love your dragons *w* 
Love this, the characters are so cute!!
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How is you keep making masterful works of art like this. Even time Of see your works I'm in awe.
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Even trains weren't safe!
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I always threw an X-potion at it. Phoenix Down always missed.
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So.. cute, this is really amazing.
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So glorious! I did this in FF9 on a hunch and the zombie-dragon just dropped dead instantly. I was like "really?" xD
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Ya that was cool
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