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hades and persephone 3

the previous commission reminded me of these 2... :)
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yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas I love ittttt

Could I use this as a song cover I’ll give credit
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She looks so disdainful...

Wait until Hades shows a more gentlemanly side when he offers her some fruits ;)

incredible art, so great

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I like the nod to the James Woods Hades

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That’s amazing!
I know that the dark charm of Hades could be very attractive to women, but I would not to marry such man as I don't like horror film the most……Wink/Razz 
As the legend goes, she didn't have much of a choice in the matter.
Her mother demanded her return and would kill all the flora on earth untill she is returned. And so winter is born.
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This is awesome and reminds me a bit of The Phantom of the Opera!
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Except the Phantom of the Opera didn't have corpse-powered transportation!
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Brilliant! it appears you are making a story between these two :aww:
absolutely stunning!!
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Thos reminds me of phantom of the opera

Kinda, since Hades/Pluto is lonely in his sinister Underworld. Yet he is very dedicated to his job and doesn't break any moral. Except for the fact that Persephone/Proserpina is his NIECE, as she is daughter of Zeus/Jupiter and Demeter/Ceres.

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Well, that's amazingly disturbing! 
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holy shit I knew this art style looked familiar but sOMEHOW YOU'RE NOT ON MY WATCH LIST WHAT is this TRAVESTY and your art are all amazing and wonderful and I'm completely mind blown thank you for drawing. <3
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this is beautiful!
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This is a perfect continuation for Hades and Persephone 
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I know this story
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