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thanks to the ppl who showed up on LS to watch :)
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Absolutely beautiful!
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Whoa! I love their wings, so majestic!
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Chocobo meets Gryphon.  So cool.  Love how you painted the background. 
Hinata-Kaede's avatar
You never  disappoint me you are amazing
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love the colouring!
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Somone uploaded this claiming it as their own…
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Yea I am a fan of those kind pf legend creatures, im glad to see someone like that too
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I dot have any words so supercalafragalisticexpialadoshus! XD
Wonderful!!! I just think that the griffin is a little disproportionate, too thin on the back part. Nevertheless it is amazing.
My dream is to draw at your level *-*
(Watching u xD)

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That's wonderful! *________* 
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that looks really cool the armour looks amazing
GABaker-Author's avatar
very majestic looking. Wonderful job.
Wow I would like to ride a griffin some day as well! It's so sad that they are just fictional.
kot6's avatar
is this in a world you created? because youve made alot of these... so cool!!!!!!
Lars-Seelenfresser's avatar
what a glorious griffin :) (Smile) 
a wonderful work :happybounce: 
It is simply fantastic La la la la 
harvestcheddar's avatar
Stunning artwork and such an awesome ride! :love:
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Can we temporarily call her (if it is a her) Gilda until we get a painting of her next?
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I had finally hit rock bottom this came at perfect timing for me this showed that money is power I had to share this with someone
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