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another demo for my class.
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Great! Congratulations.

Fernando Coutinho
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Is there anyway to view or purchase this demo?
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Mind blowing quality. Wonderful job
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This is a really beautiful landscape. For some reason, I'm totally getting Xenoblade Chronicles vibes from this. Absolutely amazing!
Comic-Illustration's avatar
Nice. Pretty, soft and light to watch at, but in the middle the little grave makes one wonder who died there.
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Hi, i was wondering if i could use this background for a chatsite i run, we've lost a user to depression and i'd like to use it as the background to the room, a place so people can pay respects. 

please let me know
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very impressive work!
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It's been quite a while since I first saw this (must be a couple of years now) but I still find myself wondering whose grave it is every now and then :)
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The water is amazing! I love the grass, it makes me want to lay in it. "Is that... candy?" With the mist and the birds and the sky, it just feels like an over all peaceful place. So, just now noticed the tombstone. Well if you're going to be buried, the best place is some place beautiful.
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I love the colors, awesome illustration
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Beautiful...depth is something that I have always been trying to get in my paintings. Love it!
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what a wonderful draw !! excellent !!!
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Beautiful.  Simply beautiful.
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Gorgeous, I love how the grave is picked out in sunlight, so lovely.
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Very moving. Perhaps I am reading into it, but I feel undertones of paradoxical peace in this image. Very moving indeed.
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I can't help it, this reminds me Ghibli landscape :'3
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It's beautiful, I hope there's a place actually like this on Earth.
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This kind of reminds me of Thoma's grave from Chrono Trigger. Very solemn, yet appropriately peaceful nonetheless. I will say that the raised land does wonderfully here. The waterfalls that mix together with the low-altitude clouds/steam are brilliant. Very well done.
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I want to be buried at a place like this...
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Ah, the grave is a wonderful addition to the landscape. It's so good that there is phantasy and art to get images like this "alive". Also the other elements here, water, rocks and greenery create an atmosphere of rest, the seagulls add freedom.
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Wonderful landscape
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