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godzilla says " I'M FAAAAAT  MY FEET ARE ON FIRE "
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TheDilophosaurus1287's avatar
He hits the high notes
AngelFromGod2's avatar
My lizard finally grown up
AubreyDrawsCrap's avatar
*When you step on a lego*
Sonic2006fan's avatar
The Nickname Radioactive Dinosaur makes sense XD
Kneel-To-The-Crown's avatar
"Some tales are told, and soon forgotten. But a legend... is forever."
sealweal11's avatar
What you said is funny, I was at first wondering why he looked strange but now I know why
Alberthein1's avatar
The description does it.
KOartistries's avatar
Its like 1998 and 2014 had sex.

HaruFirezzzz's avatar
This is GOD zilla,not the normal zilla it's god zilla
Supermoi's avatar
Aaaah man! SO awesome and beautiful!
sahinduezguen's avatar
Scary. Very good. ;)
does the lightning tickle?
great picture!!
Lena-luvs-cats's avatar
Omg lmao Chub-chubs needs a diet~
AntonellisofbBender's avatar
your Godzilla is so dinosaur like and unbelievable
RegnoArt's avatar
I wonder what a random person in the street is thinking...
MyGravityPonyFalls's avatar
"where is Saitame when you need him?"
RegnoArt's avatar
One-Punch Man! :)
RegnoArt's avatar
This is cool! :D
To Sandara no it's Japan's money maker and nice job on the artwork.
WilliwawWanderings's avatar
Dschryer's avatar
Damn! this is really neat. I've been a Godzilla Fanboy ever since I was 12.
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