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Garun, the mascot of :icongryphonartistsunited:

character design by :iconmerystic:

heavily inspired by :iconcryslara: and :iconnambroth:
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© 2011 - 2022 sandara
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I LOVE this, so much emotion and beauty. Charming.
Blue-White-Wolf's avatar
This is gorgeous! 
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This has got to be my favorite griffon art ever. I'd buy it in a hearbeat if it was in Print.
same-but-different's avatar
I love how playful this piece is - it looks so much fun to climb the skies and chase the birds!
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Gryphonwolf6274's avatar
What did you color this in?
Lustanjo's avatar
!!! LOOOOOOve it!!! Sooooo much <3<3
S-H-L's avatar
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A free hippogriff chasing birds through the skies. If only freedom could be felt as often as this and so childish.
Ketheira's avatar
Haha, this was really beautiful and cute at the same time. Love the free and playful feeling! ;D
ViolinAndTea's avatar
OwO Garun!!! Ish so cute!
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Bluewolfey's avatar
I'm not against your artwork but this picture is heavily inspired by :iconwhiteraven90: s work.
You should mention it in your artist's comment.
Nivei's avatar
How do you know it is?
Bluewolfey's avatar
Well, no offense, but i have eyes, brain, and stuff.
Silkkat's avatar
like the fluffiness of the clouds
and how you made the winfs
AND how this griffin seems so elated
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SkyhawkC's avatar
This is definately my FAV Garun pic! The clouds and lighting effects and phenomenal!
suohii's avatar
It's stunning!! I love the details and the clouds are awesome! :clap:
Scythir's avatar
So this is some really beautiful peace of art!
I could hug you for this artwork :tighthug: It's so beautiful :meow:
Hagne92's avatar
I really love the way you paint clouds!
XtreamCrazy's avatar
I love the colours and the texture of the clouds!
elation-station's avatar
So cuuute :) How happy he is
necosanma's avatar
lovely colours
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