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forest dragon

By sandara
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2hrs of drawing grass lol

edit: + 1hr of touchup
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Nice work. The details are excellent.
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The grown dragon looks as if it just woke up.
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2hrs of awesomgrass
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Awwww! So cute! ^^
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heh heh, i love dat baby one
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Love the forest melding effect. It's like in Terry Pratchett's The Light Fantastic when Rincewind wakes up big brother.
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I really like its design :D
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its amazing! its so beautiful..... 
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It's so beautiful~  and the feeling you get that there's a friendship starting
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Awesome. It has a sense of tranquility.
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the colors are simply awesome
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So awesome *w* The grass is well done ;)
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Awesome, reminds me of Camo from skylanders, well, he reminded me of this, oh well.
It's also the inspiration for a character in my story, Dinnye, thanks.
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Dat cool. My :la: is a square-FREE ICON 
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Where are the moss/grass dragon's eyes?
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Lil' one looks pretty snot- nosed... makes the whole composition cute.
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Now, the real question is : is the blue dragon really small, or is the green one really big... ?
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Can't help but wonder... "What if the small blue dragon is like the normal size (so a human would be to it's big toe) and then the green one is bigger than that. O.O
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then that would be some massive grass
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Dragon world, so it would have dragon sized grass
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yeah,dragon sized grass -_-...
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Yes. Also there wouldn't be anything to cut it. An it would have dragons fertilizing it.
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What an awesome representation of a theme!
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