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I knew there was a reason I fav'd you! This is great!
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vibrant autumnal colours Lovely
She looks so cheerful. I like the contrast: cold, greenish creature and warm, orange clothes.
Torntwilight's avatar
Both flower and thorn, it seems.
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Woah, this just makes you wanna dance around.
She looks so playful and her skirts look like petals. It really is fantastic.
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Love the colours and atmosphere! And that's an awesome creature :)
MLPDragonWriter's avatar
her clothes reminds me of a gypsy vanner! :D it's a type of pony!
Emperor-Ire's avatar
Awesome pic, and congrats on the plushie :D
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Why can't I see it anymore...? :iconcryforeverplz:
The image must be broken, but looks very good like all your work
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the monsters are great!
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I love all your works! :D
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Didnt know you were a woman! or that you had a son ( i saw in another dragon artwork :D) A late gratz to you my sister! :D Im so honored you replied to me before *______* Godessly artist! :D

Love this piece, no wonder you can make things look damn beautiful, only women can do that >.< soo many wonderful colours here, has a very coming on autumn feel to it :) and that dragon is YOU!!
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Wonderful piece!
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Wow I love this! Amazing colors!
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wow!!! your works are amazings! really great!
Don't have the words right now to say how much I like this, but I do.
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Now she, and this scene are just so pretty :)
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very nice and colorfull
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