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Now available as a laptop, ipad or iphone skin/case here!


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wow those are some big fish
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Beautiful piece. I really enjoy the perspective.
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exquisite piece of art
EverybodysCupOfTea's avatar
I love this Picture. =^.^=
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Amazing Shading, Design. Just Amazing.
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There are deep, big, alive world) And i hope he is come for watch, not for fishing...
Of course good composition and good accent, but you know it with out me ;)
Matakoura's avatar
Amazing lighting and colour, and the detail is incredible!
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Seriously awesome! I think I'm in danger of adding all of your work to my favorites because all of it it amazing :)
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OMG O.O poor boy…
Amazing !
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:) All of your work tells wonderful stories. Small ones, big ones. Its wonderful how you open up the mind, make room for inspiration. Your creativity is a great gift, your skill is astonishing. I lost sight of your art years ago, found you again with the DD today. And I'm so happy I found you again! There are so many pieces (the Terry Pratchett one for example) I stumbled over on other sites, but didn't realise it was yours. Nice to know you still are around DA. Thank you so much for sharing your work - it's lovely, inspring and soothing. <3
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This is such a beautiful idea, you are so creative, I really love it.
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This is just too marvelous for words!
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Wow, amazingHeart 
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This is beautiful! What did you use to ceate it?
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Just an amazing work!
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There's always something bigger.
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This is a wonderfully surreal scene, one that would even seem quixotic. The shading and the composition of this piece is one that immediately draws the eye to it and allows for further contemplation about the background of the work. Simply, majestically beautiful.
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who's doing the fishing? :)
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whoa your art is amazing!!!
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8.  Woah, I didn't even notice that huge one until I zoomed it.  My eyes kept going toward the boat.  That's a lot of fish.
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