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enemy at the gates

i'm back! :D

dragon on a tower
used 3d for the building :D

very lotr XD

for those who are wondering about the 3d ...
please see here for step by step
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That was such a smart technique for the tower!
the 3D model really helps in getting the perspective just right!

The detail and colors look great as well,
awesome job! 
His imperial epicness, the dragon!
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Woah, I love those claw marks :D Very nicely detailed. Love it ^^
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I'm not sure if anyone else has noticed it or not, but the image doesn't show up unless you click on it to zoom in a little.
AaronMetallion's avatar
yep, same for me.., it's weird o.o !
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I like the perspective in this one. Also the 3d base(as per the link) seems to work well. Nice job.
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I love it!
I'm using this picture as my wallpaper xD
watjong's avatar it!
FenixPortoPontes's avatar
Astonishing... I have nothing else... But I had to zoom in to see otherwise the pic remains as a error... strange...
FenixPortoPontes's avatar
Amazing, but I wonder why I'm only able to see it if I zoom in xD, without zoom the picture remains as a non existing image xD... Regardless this is an astounding, astonishing dragon protecting its castle
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bashing down the door doesn't seem like the best of ideas when there's a dragon on the roof. :-O
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I haven`t seen so greate arts for a looong time! That`s stunningly!
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I agree, very reminiscent of LOTR! The battle of Helm's Deep... :)
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a-amazing oAo
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Those soldiers are walking dead men. The poor suckers have a dragon above them.
come on!!! eat them all!!! XP love dragons....
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oh.... WOW o.0 came out quite well, I like it!
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verryyyy lotr, haha i like
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Wooooaaah oh man this is just woaaaaaaah
It's so well composed, wooooah! It pulls the eyes right along and that dizzying drop and wooooah! Not to mention beautifully painted!
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How cool!! Love the pic and the perspective looks so neat, thanks for posting the link to show us how you did the 3d too =)
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