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this pic is also known as "Livestream Crashes Alot"
:< sorry to everyone on saturday...

i had originally intended this for the wacom "Dreams" contest, but then i realised it didn't fit the description (no aspirations here, unless it's to create little squirrels from the air).

Then i wanted to submit it to the ImagineFX cover contest, but then i realised i missed the deadline. =__=;;

oh well...

edit : this is actually a repaint of a very very very old pic :)
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Wow, that's stunning! Smiley: Heart eyes 
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Wow this certainly is something of a dream! It's so magical!
Superb. i love the colors harmony.
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A dream in awesome colour♥
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Dreaammmmm. Love this so much, also I love that you included the bind between humans and animals
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my brain crashed from awesomeness X_x
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It's like what I want to show through my art, except better.
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I really love this picture. I feel as though her use of the paintbrush symbolizes her love for creation and care taking of beautiful things.
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So pretty! Great job!
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Some kid think this is a stock image >…
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It's awesome! I love it. :3
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What an awesome piece of art. Congrats, faved and a llama badge for your amazing job :happybounce: !!!!
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Great it
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Beautiful, the colours, the lighting, its is all gorgeous! Lovely work.
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the colors are divine. love this piece <3
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u dont know how much i love this u just made my day ... love u hahah
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I love the colors! And, is not becoming a creator of worlds and creatures an aspiration? I think it is or else I really have to rethink my career choice...
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