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i did this one some time back in '09... it's for the Warhammer LCG battlepack <Tooth and Claw> by FFG. now that it's finally on sale, i can post this :)
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Best dragonmage depiction so far. Good stuff!

Besides, have you ever heard of Warhammer Fantasy's spiritual successor?
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I love the high elves and this is a beatiful art work, congratulations!
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Hey it's meee as a dragon!
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All your dragons are amazing! HNNNGGGG Ninja icon 
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Is the dragon being slaved or is that a happy face?
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love that elven face
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Adding to Deviantwatch... Now.
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i want that dragon!
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I looooove the way you've done the dragons scales, more hinting at them than actually drawing every single one. Looks great!
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wow i love how you protrayed the reins
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MY EYES~! too EPIC! D:
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Found somewere on the news they found a small dragon skeliton somewere.
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hard to believe dragons were mythical creatures ... the artists know them so well :)
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i love wat u did with this
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The colors just strike me...I love the contrast between the deep dark red of the dragon and the blue of its raider's armor...It's simply wonderful....May I ask which type of brush you used to paint the dragon's scales?
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great dragon design. I have been doing some dragon designs myself.
There's contrast in this that really works well.
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