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... this is the hour of your dark rebirth...
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Did you know that there is a shop selling your artwork? :(

I thought I'd let you know because it doesnt seem like they are giving credit

Here is the product:

Wish you a great day :3 beautiful art <3

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How much for a 3-headed dragon about to devour a sexy woman? Can be more of a close-up of heads.
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Such a lovely dragon. Your a Goddess of fantasy drawings :heart:  
how much for a single use license to do a t-shirt?
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I love your artwork
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Dragons are Native to Northeastern China.
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This is absolutely amazing!
Do you think I could use this photo for my OC Profile?
~There will be a link that leads there to here.
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Hello Sandara. First, I absolutely love your work. Amazing.

Second of all, I was wondering if I could use a few of your images for a No Profit deck I will make of Magic the Gathering. Its called "Challenge Deck: To Battle the Dragon God" And, since your images are very unique and awe-inspiring, I thought it would be the proper procedure to ask of you if I could use them. Of course, properly credited for yourself. And no, there is no money gain from any sides, just a fan creation.

I was also wondering if you had any work of a Male dragonish-emperor looking human that you could provide if you can? I would LOVE if its yours to have him as the leader of the army. 

For what inspired me to make this and so you have an Idea of what im going to do, here is a link;…

Thanks in advance and have an amazing day.
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Lovely dragon, especially the horns! ^^

That description though... very much WoW. Immediately brought Acherus to mind.
Amazing pictures! You are absolutely awesome at painting dragons :-) 
I was wondering if its okay that I borrow some of your paintings to make a layout for You will ofcourse be credited on the picture/layout and I won't try to sell or take any kinds of payment for them. 
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Such an epic art :wow:
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lol just realized i was already watching you ^^; nvm
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i've seen this a lot on google when i look up dragons. didn't know it was from deviantart XD you earned yourself a watcher ^^
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Wow this is really cool! :D
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