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desert demons

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Daaaaaaaaaaayommm... This is awesome!

The head shape of the left/foreground demon reminds me a bit of Dialga from Pokemon, but the rest is just devilish greatness. :D
The person on the horse is pretty cool as well. I love the details in the armour and the saddle. The white of the blade is a great contrast to the sand and the demons and stuff too. Got an alien-like, threatening aspect about it too.
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I really really really love your work ! it's awesome
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I noticed that the Desert Demon in the foreground appears to have a larger bottom jaw spike protrusion than the one in the background, is this indicative of it being a male and female hunting pair with the crests being the main form of sexual dimorphism? Beautifully drawn! I love how the dust-clouds just billow out from under the subjects!
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I find this funny Desert Demons was the unit my father was placed in a while ago in Irag
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Incredible work!
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I bet you anything that horse is freakin out, dude
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Except for the eyes, they would fit in with the creatures from Expedition quite well
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Wow the pose of the demon on the left is very well drawn. I can almost hear it`s claws scratching over the ground when it turns. Will they get the poor rider?
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I would even use this as wallpaper if it had better resolution.
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I love this... the behavior of the demons alone seems very realistic. Upon looking at this, I could even inwardly 'hear' the sound of a galloping horse and hissing sand, with the big beastie's inquisitively hostile growl as it loped agonizingly close. Very well done, tense scene!
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Just wow! The detail captured in this image and the scene looks so real that I would be afraid to cross paths with those demons yet at the same time I would love fight them or tame them. The pose of the horse standing there as it does battle with the demons is great! Like the rest of your art you have a beautiful gift of giving life to fantasy that appears as if it was real life. Keep nurturing that talent of yours!
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XD if this was real id ride those demons around scaring the crap out of people who are cruel to me
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love the way you captured the pose of the creature on the left, I can totally see it moving :D
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now that is a gorgeous image and soo excitingLove
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Thougt you might be interested into knowing a girl is declaring your art as her own.…
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poooooooofffff ..........  I LOVE IT Noisy fella (Works) 
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I want one as a pet... just sayin.
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It looks like is the Devil of Final Fantasy VIII! Right? I like your art, is amazing...
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