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crystal street

By sandara
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am soo in love with this piece! =D great work!

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"Khajit have wares if you have golds"

It could be a scene in Elsweir.

I love this picture. How can I buy one?

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absolutely love this!

I'd love to see the process behind it too

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i love this drawing! its so amazing!! i want to pixelart that cat !!! congratulations on this masterpiece!
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I want to tattoo this cat on my leg. :giggle:

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A fellow Cheshire Cat selling crystals and gems. Ahh, a dark age ago are the days I saw my kind in the Marketplaces of old. Tis a wonderful art to see.
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totally festive! I love contrast with the shadowy shop and the light coming from down the path, you are definately my favorite "fantasy" artist, I would like to see more sci fi from you like the mech tribal beast image, that was fantastic!
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Come in, come in! I have the best Energia crystals for sale anywhere! And for those of you who are not talented in the Arcane, I have charms and potions, all high quality!
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I wish this will be a game
Walking in this streets amazing
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Beautiful. Love the atmosphere, and liveliness of this scene. :)
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This an absolutely amazing picture! All the details, the lighting, the colors, the cool designs of everything, this is just stunning! I will admit, however that the main reason I faved is the inclusion of the fat cat man.
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Hello there! I really love your work and especially this piece. :heart:

I used your artwork as a visual example, for how a fantasy market place can look like, in my group. ( [ Marktplatz ] )
The credit is right under the picture, I hope that this is ok with you.
I you are not ok with me using your artwork, please tell me and I remove it. Nod 
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COOL! Fantastic work!
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Welcome, let khajiit show you what he has!:) (Smile) 
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Can I visit? Am I poisonous? 
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I love these fantasy based scenes, soooo cool!
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OH MY GOD THIS IS SO COOL! the walking animals, the color! La la la la La la la la La la la la I LOVE  IT SO MUCH! 
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I have this print hanging above my bed and I love to stare at it :heart:
reminds me of a distant magical world I'll never be a part of, but still I love to admire it from afar.
I imagine the blue crystal in the bg to light up when the street is opend and turn off when it's closed! hehe
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