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tv tropes would give this scenery porn and/or Ghibli Hills
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A sketch for you, but a big step for humanity
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Beautiful! I love the trees in the background. Nice lighting
Wonderful. It reminds me Prince of Persia artworks style.
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:wow: This is Magnificent! The perspective is dizzying & mad & wonderful! And yet the colours are so inviting. :D So Gorgeous! :clap:
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The image isn't showing up for me.
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I fixed it. :) sorry for the delay!
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I finally found a copy of this one elsewhere online, and it's just as amazing as the thumbnail of this one looks!

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Sorry! I finally got round to fixing it.
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Question mark again
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Sorry! It's working now. XD
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not working for me either :(
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I can't see the picture....
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Also won't open for me. It did seem promising!
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I finally fixed it. Sorry for the delay!
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No prob. Awesome!!
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link is broken :(
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It's working now. Sorry for the delay XD
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No problem :love: I'm glad I can see them now. I see you fixed 3 artworks but there are 3 more to go Desolate [link] Illyriel the Shieldmaiden [link] & Spellcast [link]
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At first I thought it was just my computer but the picture won't load..=/ Stinks because it seemed really cool.
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I have finally fixed it... XD
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