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the armor has some nice details, but what the hell is that on her shoulder?
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I love the mood in this picture - dark and haunting yet strong. And the contrast looks fantastic.
nice i like the necromancer feel
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:clap: Wonderful... :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: J'adore. :) :love: :heart:
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luscious the green
Okay, terrible comparison, but it made me think of the scene with the river Styx in Hercules (the really bad Disney movie). The idea of a river consisting of ghosts is just incredibly creepy.
Erranruin's avatar
...I loved that film...

._. hades was the best character Disney ever concieved
usernamesrtoohard's avatar
Agreed Hades forever c:
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Ummmmmmm...... I think somethings bout to eat ur head.........
TheFirstNanoTyranno's avatar
Yeah, at first I thought so, too. Now I believe its some sort of creepy hood XD
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Those skulls looks amazing -- I always loved 'inferno' skulls ^^
The shoulder caps are damn awesome :3
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Why don´t you make a comic book ?
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very beautifully done...Nice work.
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Should I recognize her? Because I swear I do....hmmm.
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I have featured your work here:[link] :iconheartpinkplz:
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I love everything about this! Especially the cloak, that is an amazing concept!
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OH MY GOD. (i could live without that hood, collar, claw thing on the back) but still OH MY GOD!
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armor looks awesome and just loving the choice of colors
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Superb. I love the detail and her expression. :)
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