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black mountain unicorn

A very hairy unicorn. XD
I just HAD to draw something... 2 weeks without drawing is killing me!
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This is my favorite unicorn artwork of all time.. so AMAZING!

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Looks like an alpine karkadann.
Can I use this as a MLP OC. o . o can I adopt this? I can pay you with trade on Warfarm. #Poor~
This could be what a Song of Ice and Fire Unicorns look like with the goat-like features, 
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I love the feeling of strength the unicorn is giving off. Lovely work. <3 
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Looks like my goat tucker. Seems like he belongs in the mountains.
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this is the most beautiful unicorn I've ever seen.

it's like my favorite horse an a black unicorn combined!
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Reminds me of a black lion, well you know. With a horn :giggle:
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God, the want is too strong!
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wow! It's like a lion cross! Really cool! Looks badass
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This is great unicorn design! Reminds me of my favorite pokemon absol, being mountain goat-ish plus the sharp horn.
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What Paint tool do you use?
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I absolutely love your art! Keep up the good work!
Great work, it's about time someone made a unicorn look strong and powerful.
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Hey!! Beautiful work!! Do you do commissions?! 
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You have the best unicorns! 
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