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black knight and companion

cover for my friend :iconcrimsonbro:

the 2 characters belong to him, and the book he's writing :D
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What is the name of the book your friend is writin?

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Great artwork. The Black Knight looks incredibly scary, yet badass at the same time
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WOW! Really awesome!

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He looks more like warlord. Very cool
I hope the guy don't stab himself every time he moves his shoulder.
Double Standard!
What do you mean?
Sorry wrong trope. Their armor looks alike but she's wearing little to no protection
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look awesome and so bad a$$ !
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they reminds me to Lord Soth and Kitiara majere from the books of Dragonlance =D
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i wanna sword like that
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Never would want to fight that guy. Great job!
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that's just to awesome
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Very sophisticated, fascinating color depth as usual. I even used this one as my desktop wallpaper a few years back!
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To him, arrows to the knees are nothing.
To him Flesh Wounds are nothing.
To him you are nothing.
To Him you are his target.
To Him your armies are nothing.
To you He is nightmares.
To you he is death.
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i love his stance. It's as if he's looking to the woman and telling her, "this is all mine." His armor is appropriately horrific for a black knight. The blood work that you did was absolutely beautiful. The hint of wings thrust into the sky... they're graceful and intimidating with the dark color. His sword is wicked and i love that it's more of a piece of him, familiarly handled, rather than a tool he has to wield. It's a nasty piece of work.

And the knight's companion! She's both beautiful and terrifying. Perhaps, alluding to her place as his black queen? i adore that her armor echoes his so that it's something complimentary to him, placing her at his side. It's sexy and alluring. The way you did her flowing hair in the wind- genius! This is a beautiful piece of art! i'd love to see the novel that inspired this piece of beauty!
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Brilliant work!
Shades of Franzetta here.
Well done.
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Can you get me a compy of your friends book? I want to read it with this pic going through it!! It's flippen awesome!!!
awsum work mate wd
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God damn epic!!!!
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