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a party of cats

By sandara
healer, mage, fighter :)
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Makes me think of Battousai-like iaido feats using a western sword.

Great piece, btw

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This... Is... (no words to describe the epicness)
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Yes, I have finally lived.
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I can't even describe how awesome this is. 
Literally cats vs dogs
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Haha! I've had this picture on my hard drive for a couple years. Never did know the original artist until now! Super excellent! 
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made me remember this russian MMO, Allods i believe it was called, a playable race was catlike and you had a party of 3 instead of just one.
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Warrior cats... For real... (Pinch Me)
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this one's still my favorite, but your third party's close behind Meow :3 
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Yesssssssss beautiful exquisite charming alluring just eye catching lyrics gorgeous with a touch of kitties gives the magnificent picture a grant of ADORABLE NESS <-- high squeaky voice
(Just and fyi if you have no idea what I said don't feel bad about it I was giving an compliment and also I don't really know what I was saying either so yaaaaaaah)
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The designs are outstanding :heart:
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Omg kitty! Kitty kitty kitty!~ Such adorable kitties!~ XD
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OMG !!! They are just too cute!
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I did not know I needed this in my life until I found it. I can die happy now. Perfection itself.
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It's Dovewing, JayFeather, and Lionblaze!
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Warriors rule!!!!!! I love you Dovewing Jayfeather and Lionblaze!!!!!!!
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Ahh that reminds me all those countless hours of playing D&D with my friends))
Healer/buffer - priest, rdd - mage, mdd - warrior))) Such a familiar company!
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