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Zombie Dragon

By sandara
finally i can post this up! :)

Zombie Dragon, from FFG's Warhammer Invasion Card game: Karaz-a-Karak pack.
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No amount of breath mints can... *lungs melt and dies*
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So cool!!! It reminds me Bonehart from Kingdom Rush Frontiers
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This is awesome! But i  have a question, can i use this for my avatar/icon?
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This is epic! Love it!
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Wow! Just wow! All of your work is so amazing! Love 
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Wow! It's very cool!
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and just when we tought killing a dragon was hard, now we have to do it again. NOES!
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is this from dragon and titans
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you do these drawings certainly are aa super-cool and amazing I love
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This dragon-thing eat brains, yes-yes?
WAIT-WAIT! NOT ONLY MY-MY!!! It's too brilliant
Amazing job, congrats ^^
any chance of u do a tut?
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More like a Zombie Lich, cause it sounds cooler! This looks pretty beautiful!
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Why did you have to make this D: 

My appetite is ruined. it must be the intestines.
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how does one become that good?

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This is wicked but great work. :)
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