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thanks to everyone who gave crits and comments, they were very helpful :)
this is the final version...

i also made a rather sucky wallpaper out of it...get it here


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What is the difference between dragons, wyverns and wyrms?
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Wyverns are bipedal and have two wings, Wyrms have a long, snakelike body with no wings, but can fly, and Dragons have four legs, and two wings.
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I love the movement. Very well drawn
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I love the movement in this picture, it's perfect. Very beautifully drawn. <3
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Dragons are Native to Xinjiang, China.

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:wow Incredible :)
BAdass design on the wyrm :iconfavbomb-plz:
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Just coming back to this picture now, and I just noticed that he seems to have a bellybutton.
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Anybody else thinking;
Scared off by that thing.
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Damn, so much epicness! I need this wallpaper you made!
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love itHeart Heart Heart Heart Heart +fav 
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dont know why, but theres so much coolness within this one :D
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Can I get a shot of the whole drawing as this one seems cut off some.
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So does it breathe green fire? Or some sort of magic?
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Super... Reading the "ward stone trilogy" brill.👍👌
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omg i love this drawing!!!
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ally cool and badass, but wouldn't that b a wyvern, not a wyrm?
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Wyverns have stingers on their tails and usually don't have breath weapons
UnagiTakanashi's avatar
true but wyrms are typicaly more snake like such as this… wich is why there sometimes pronounced "worm"
EliBurrySchnepp's avatar
JRR Tolkien and many others simply use Wyrm (or Worm, Wurm, etc.) as a synonym for dragon.
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yeah i see alot of people do that but im a stickler for stuff like that i guess lol
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