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Worm - b b and b

B****, B****** and Bentley.

From Wildbow 's epic story - Worm

Textures from


Spoilers ahoy! Don't read on if you haven't read Worm! Give it a try!

I just want to burble on about how much I love every little part of it.

Spoilers VVV

I finished the story yesterday...what a ride! I love this story, it's brilliant. I love the world building, the powers, all the characters (other than Shadow Stalker) , the writing... EVERYTHING.

I want Endbringer plushies! If Parian can make them, so can we! er... XD

The ending arc where everything came full circle just blew me away, when we see what Taylor finally became, how she took down the big bad..omg.

Also, I love Taylor's character progression. I think it's the best character growth I've ever read. We're with her every step of the way and you can really see the slippery slope she's going down.

and... something I didn't really notice when reading it, but a lot of the main characters are female. i think it's more than 50%. It's a nice change from main stream stuff where a lot of the main characters are male.

Oh yeah, and B**** up there. She's one of my fav characters - puppy therapy! :heart:

Onwards to Pact!
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Impressive, creep, desolate and dangerous. Guess I'll have to look up the story now.

I love the fact that I could identify all three of them before reading the title. Nice attention to detail there, and treating the animals as characters and not just generic interchangeable canines. She wouldn't like it if you did.

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^the pic that got me to actually try Worm
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This is incredible.
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Can I use this image to publish a song on youtube?
You Bitch!

Seriously though. This art is impeccable.

I've read mostly alt-power fics based on it, but I can't deny if anything deserves to be made into a tv series like Game Of Thrones, this does.
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Great Image!
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heh, I'm halfway through it, have to admit I didn't really like arcs 9 through 10, almost dropped it in fact, but instead skipped over most of both arcs and half of 11 before I started reading again where my interest got caught. It was worth it because the slaughterhouse 9 arc is good shit. Also read the parts about shadow stalker, that was one of my favorite parts possibly, and it really added to Regent's character. 

I'm on 13.7 now, really starting to get me going.

I also noticed the part about the high female count, when I think about it it makes sense (both because protag is female and because trigger events are slightly likelier to occur for women; only because of the higher emotional intensity for them)

My favorite character is Lisa tho, I feel like she's sort of the character that grounds the story, without her everything would be more chaotic and Taylor would have gone a different route for sure. 
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this looks really cool!
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like after ww3.  awesome rusted subway
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Do you do online art? I need a picture done for my book. I need a front, cover, and spine done. I'm paying $300.00. Are you interested?
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Best worm fan art I've seen.
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Any chance of this becoming a print? I already have it as my computer wallpaper and would love for it to be my physical wallpaper as well.
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Great! Congratulations.

Fernando Coutinho
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Ahh! Oh my goddess, your art work blows me away. Your portrayal of Rachel is amazing.
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Great picture. The beasts and sky are very well made.
One of my friends recommended Worm to me a while back, but I've only gotten to the part where Taylor first joins the team.
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Any chance in a wallpaper size resolution?
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Ahhh yesss s RACHELL!L!!!   I very nearly cried when she carved her dogs' names on the memorial site after Leviathan ;_;  I hate her guts at first but by the end I loved her the most, next to Dragon hahaa
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