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B****, B****** and Bentley.

From Wildbow 's epic story - Worm

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Spoilers ahoy! Don't read on if you haven't read Worm! Give it a try!

I just want to burble on about how much I love every little part of it.

Spoilers VVV

I finished the story yesterday...what a ride! I love this story, it's brilliant. I love the world building, the powers, all the characters (other than Shadow Stalker) , the writing... EVERYTHING.

I want Endbringer plushies! If Parian can make them, so can we! er... XD

The ending arc where everything came full circle just blew me away, when we see what Taylor finally became, how she took down the big bad..omg.

Also, I love Taylor's character progression. I think it's the best character growth I've ever read. We're with her every step of the way and you can really see the slippery slope she's going down.

and... something I didn't really notice when reading it, but a lot of the main characters are female. i think it's more than 50%. It's a nice change from main stream stuff where a lot of the main characters are male.

Oh yeah, and B**** up there. She's one of my fav characters - puppy therapy! :heart:

Onwards to Pact!
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This is perfect and so atmospheric.

I went to see Love and Thunder last night with friends, and as we discussed it afterwards I wanted to reference the Undersiders and B****'s dogs, but couldn't because none of the rest of them had read WORM. *Sigh*