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Worm - The Simurgh

One of the Endbringers from Wildbow's epic story Worm -

The pointy thingies at the bottom and the circle around her are supposed to represent the "halo" of weapons she's got but I can't draw mechanical things to save my life.
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So wonderful. I come back to this time and time again. I recently finished Worm for the first time, having found it through your work. I looked at the website's gallery and was disappointed that your painting didn't show up / wasn't among the fanart Wildbow put up.

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" Every Souls contains a Whisper of Light " ? :meow:
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I thought it was Sephiroth.
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Thinking the same ;)
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So, huh, I was looking around some dumb books on Amazon and I came across this:…

That is a Brazillian publisher. I recognized your art, so I just thought you should know.
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Huh, still there.  Guess amazon doesn't give a shit.
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 nice, I would put a gif if it wasn't so damn complicated        

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aaahh this looks so cool!
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wow, amazing +fav 
Oh! This is good! Very close to my own oicture of her.
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Man, the wings are absolutely gorgeous. Painted beautifully, great job.
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"When a regular wing study is too mainstream". But jokes aside, really cool work!
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Fantastic work, it's great to see someone else who's read it.
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Really amazing work :o
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Everything about this is absolutely perfect.
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awason! great job! ❤️
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