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Worm - Taylor

From Wildbow's epic story -

The stories I read were usually from books..anything online, was only fanfiction. However, recently I'd gotten to reading the top of nosleeps on reddit and I was very surprised at the quality of writing (dalek_emperor, bloodworth, 1000vultures, etc). That made me more receptive to reading original fiction online, and Worm was very much recommended. I decided to give it a try and I am blown away by it.

If there are any editors or publishers out there, Worm is a gem to be picked up!

If you like dark and gritty stories about super-powered humans, give it a go!


I finished the story!
Holy crap, what a ride!
Thank you Wildbow for an amazing story!

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This is really impressive! Would it be okay to feature some of your fanart in a video review of Worm I plan on creating? I would credit you of course.

It's basically a twisted superhero retelling of Cinderella.

Hey, would you be willing to put this on Displate? I don't know if it's rude to ask but I'd love to be able to purchase a psychical copy of this artwork, as this is easily my favourite artwork of Taylor I've ever come across.

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Holy hecking heck, this is the best piece on Deviantart! The detail and coloration the insects is incredible and the expressions is so fitting for Taylor; subtle discomfort or fear mixed in with calm, or forced calm, her second best trademark state of being after godhood.

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Wow - this is a nice portrait!
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This is amazing!!!
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Beautiful work! I love the colors and details on the insects. :)
Is there any way I can buy this as a poster or something? I love this and Worm so much that I need to have this in my life.
May I use this picture in an article on Worm? I will credit you, of course.
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Sure you can :)
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I literally just started reading this story because of looking at this piece. It is very good so far, and the artwork is incredible. Thank you for sharing!
Sandara, if credited, can a current liveblogger use this art as his header for his lets read of Worm? He would probably simply include the word "Worm" in a font of his choice under the picture (not covering your signature)
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I really want to print this as a poster for my good friend for his birthday. He introduced me to Worm and it is among both of our favorite reads.

Can I please get your permission to do that and would you kindly explain how I can support/donate/pay for it? I'm new here, having JUST made an account with deviantart so I could send this.
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Hey Sandara, i recently got into Worm and honestly these fanarts you made slipped past me back then in 2015. Your Simurg and Behemoth brought them truly to live. I'd humbly request more fanart of Worm if you have a time and inspiration. Thanks!
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Hey Inkary! Glad you like my Worm fan art. I won't be doing any more though, sorry! I've finished the story and you're in for a ride. :)
Maybe you can contribute some... the guys at (careful, lots of spoilers) really appreciate any fan art and Wildbow himself checks out the sub pretty often.
“Go, my pretties. Go, seek out my enemies and smother them.”
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Both beautiful and chilling, I love it!
This is pretty great
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I don't mind spiders.
I was stung ten times by poisonous hornets when I was five.
Hate the hornets.
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if there are so many insects in it, I won't read it :O
but this picture is amazing!
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This is absolutely lovely. Never read Worm, and probably lack the time to actually do so, but your illustrations for it are really making me curious. Love the color on this one; I feel like I'm getting to know the characters just by looking at your depictions of them.
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