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Worm - Endbringer Leviathan

From Wildbow's epic story :

Photo used :…
credited to Joe Ravi
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Well, this would be an adorable end to humanity. :D

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Leviathan is described at 30 feet tall. That is NOT 30 feet tall!! 30 feet is 3 stories and that building behind him shows me being 50 feet tall minimum.

Don't get me wrong, he looks bad-ass as all hell, but holy shit is that thing huge.

He doesn't seem to be on the ground, though.

Damn, he is really awesome on this art!
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Best representation of Leviathan I've seen... outstanding work!
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Is it possible to get this as a print?
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Awesome! Will you ever do Khonsu?
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Add me on fb Levi Axtell
This is almost exactly how I pictured Leviathan. This is amazing! :D
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The picture is simply great. The movement in this scene and how Leviathan is depicted. As if he just rushed around the block with the viewer as a target in mind. You can see the power behind the water. His poster und look have an unsettling inelegance to it. The best depiction i have seen so far and definitely how i would imagine Leviathan.
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I agree. Something that's especially good there is the feeling of almost anticipation. It's as if Leviathan just rounded the building, as you said, and has paused for a moment. Then he's going to barrel towards us. There's a poise to him, and that's quite impressive.
Do mind drawing Rachel's dogs?
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fast and hydrokinetic.... and cunning when need be...
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I've just read that story and I don't think I've ever encountered an antagonist so absolutely terrifying. It's difficult to imagine quite capturing that sort of danger, but you certainly given it as good a shot as anyone could.
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how would this thing fair in the dc/ marvel universe?
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Hard to say, I don't know much about comics really. It's hard to compare universes at the best of times, but my go to assumption in any "superhero" world is that the most powerful heroes are ~Superman levels of power. With that assumption the Endbringers would be just as dangerous.  Scion was the only being capable of facing the Endbringers, and he was viewed as something of a deity, so maybe if someone pulled out the infinity gauntlet that would be enough to stop Leviathan.
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yeah only one i can see holding their own against these guys in marvel one on one are thor and hulk... not sure how tehy'd do it as a team... but they definately wont be able to kill any of them.... you can drop an entire universe on these guys and they'd treat it like a bug bite
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