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Worm - Endbringer Leviathan

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From Wildbow's epic story :

Photo used :…
credited to Joe Ravi
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Leviathan is described at 30 feet tall. That is NOT 30 feet tall!! 30 feet is 3 stories and that building behind him shows me being 50 feet tall minimum.

Don't get me wrong, he looks bad-ass as all hell, but holy shit is that thing huge.
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He doesn't seem to be on the ground, though.

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Damn, he is really awesome on this art!
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Best representation of Leviathan I've seen... outstanding work!
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Is it possible to get this as a print?
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geeth101Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wow! Amazing
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Awesome! Will you ever do Khonsu?
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fotostomiasProfessional General Artist
Very good!
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shadowphoenixptHobbyist Writer
Loved it :)
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HabaneroBobHobbyist Writer
Add me on fb Levi Axtell
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This is almost exactly how I pictured Leviathan. This is amazing! :D
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The picture is simply great. The movement in this scene and how Leviathan is depicted. As if he just rushed around the block with the viewer as a target in mind. You can see the power behind the water. His poster und look have an unsettling inelegance to it. The best depiction i have seen so far and definitely how i would imagine Leviathan.
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Ajf115Student Writer
I agree. Something that's especially good there is the feeling of almost anticipation. It's as if Leviathan just rounded the building, as you said, and has paused for a moment. Then he's going to barrel towards us. There's a poise to him, and that's quite impressive.
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Do mind drawing Rachel's dogs?
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fast and hydrokinetic.... and cunning when need be...
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I've just read that story and I don't think I've ever encountered an antagonist so absolutely terrifying. It's difficult to imagine quite capturing that sort of danger, but you certainly given it as good a shot as anyone could.
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how would this thing fair in the dc/ marvel universe?
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Hard to say, I don't know much about comics really. It's hard to compare universes at the best of times, but my go to assumption in any "superhero" world is that the most powerful heroes are ~Superman levels of power. With that assumption the Endbringers would be just as dangerous.  Scion was the only being capable of facing the Endbringers, and he was viewed as something of a deity, so maybe if someone pulled out the infinity gauntlet that would be enough to stop Leviathan.
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yeah only one i can see holding their own against these guys in marvel one on one are thor and hulk... not sure how tehy'd do it as a team... but they definately wont be able to kill any of them.... you can drop an entire universe on these guys and they'd treat it like a bug bite
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*breaks into convo*

I agree and disagree.

Keep in mind the biological mechanics of Leviathan before trying to hate the text-wall. He has one weak point in the whole body, decapitations do nothing, his flesh only grows more dense and durable as you get closer to the core, the only known technology that actually rips him apart is Nanothorn and even that doesn't decapitate. Heroes like Alexandria and Eidolon cannot stop Endbringers in general, only slow them down. Leviathan is no different. On top of all of this, he also has extremely fast regeneration.
Complete Leviathan info >

Righty then! On with the circus!
Out of the noteworthy heroes, the only ones I see being able to stand against Leviathan for a while are Iron Man, Thor and The Hulk. Iron Man being able because of the Hulk Buster, even then, it'll just get torn apart.
I've thought on how a battle would work between said three heroes and Leviathan: Hulk would more than likely charge in as a distraction while Thor hammers (pun intended) Leviathan with lightning. Stark would probably take the smart route and save the Hulk Buster for a back up and hover above while spraying down the ridiculous amount of destruction stored in his suit.

We already have a few problems.

1) Hulk is pretty small for his power, a bit larger than the average man in height, Leviathan is 30ft. Leviathan could probably just throw or bat Hulk every now and again to keep him effectively out of the fight.
2) Thor uses lightning, this creates problems by itself since Leviathan uses Micro-Hydrokinetic powers. Not only that but Leviathan doesn't get paralysed nor does he feel pain and because of his Hydro-Echoes, Thor's thunder is useless in fear of allies getting teamkilled.
3) Stark is *IN* the suit, if Leviathan grabs him, game over. That means that Stark is forced to stay out of the way for survivability, which by no means is guaranteed because of his effective range vs Leviathans own effective range.

Considering all of this, part of the elimination would probably go something like this;
1) Hulk incapacitated for brief duration at the start of the fight via getting grabbed and thrown.
2) Thor draws attention for Hulk to get back in while Stark spams whatever munitions are available at the time. 
3) Hulk gets back in and promptly gets tossed away again.
4) Stark calls down the Hulk Buster while Thor spam hits Leviathan with lightning.
5) Both Stark and Hulk have a go at Leviathan.
6) Hulk gets tossed away yet again and Stark is left alone in a CQC with something that is almost 5 times his height and infinitely stronger than his suit, both in terms of physical power and physical regeneration.

Not going so well, eh?
That's how I would go about fighting if I was leviathan. Keep in mind, he is far, far smarter than I am so his choices would ultimately be very different.
This being said, Leviathan would shred pretty much everyone in the Marvel universe. DC is far different because there have been and still are almost unkillable people, ergo, Leviathan would probably die since the fight would probably just be a long game of who can survive the longest. There is one Leviathan and many, many DC heroes.

I feel as if I should say, this is before The Avengers: Age of Ultron. and at the time of the first Leviathan appearance in Worm.
All in all? Don't fuck with Leviathan, he will tear you apart. :)
(be gentle, I was exhausted when I wrote this.) X)

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