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World of Warcraft - Worgen Warlock

I'm so honored to be commissioned by DeviantArt for Blizzard in anticipation of the Legion launch. :)

I'm a fan of WoW and of course I'm so excited to see the DHs and Illidan again!
I always liked the Worgens and my main was a warlock, so this was a good combination for me. I thought this was a cool set for him, and I really like the green of fel fire so there's plenty of that.

See the other classes here : World of Warcraft: Legion - Celebrate the Classes!

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I'd like to hire her for a piece. I dont use FB though any suggestions

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Bark at the moon!(c)Ozzy Osbourne
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"Be feared, or be fuel."
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Wow this is awesome :)
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Seeing a dog my eyes read Wolf of Warcraft... Works either way
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Wow, could I use this as my profile pic in Clash?
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Oh gosh finally found you <3 I've seen this image float around everywhere without credit, I'm happy to finally know who made this glorious piece <3 (especially on Pinterest. Curse you Pinterest)

So happy to see one of my favourite artists draw not only my favourite warcraft species but also my favourite class ;) ~ only started playing around the end of WoD, started maining a female worgen warlock, and been in love ever since, hah <3 Greatly appreciate how much love the class has gotten in Legion :D
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Ant'e you a chipea looked one
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I l o v e W O W, i f i n a l l y f o u n d s o m e o n e e l s e : )
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i don't know if you are aware but i just saw this being sold as canvas art on aliexpress, thought id let you know 
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Thanks for the heads up! :)
Not surprised this got stolen. :/
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Wow!How long do you take to complete a piece on average?
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Great job , spectacular lighting, a true piece of art!!!!
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Whoa!  Don't want to meet him in a dark alley!  :no:
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jesus on a bicycle this looks amazing!
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Oh hey, my main is a worgen warlock :D This pleases me. I see very little worgen warlock art :> You did a phenomenal job!!
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Amazing worgenlock!!!!!
That is the best looking Worgen art I have seen thus far. Outstanding job, Sandara! That being said, I would ask you to draw any of my own Worgen in a heartbeat.
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this drawing has such sharp lines. love how realistic and clean it is
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