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Wolf and Fox

By sandara
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:) some simple art
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Insert Star Fox joke here
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I... actually really like this! :D :heart:

Rue Grin

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Very lovely work! I really like the colour of your grass. And the wolf cloak looks awesome!

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This reminds me of Aloy and Rost from HZD for some reason, and I really love it!

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Ah I love this so much, such an adorable energy <3

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That looks amazing!!! :lol: Great job! :happybounce:

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Amazing how a skilled artist can convey so much with "simple" art. Great work.

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This is amazing!

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LOOOVE your painting style! Amazing work 🥰🥰

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everyone sees the fox as a boy but that looks like a feisty little tomboy girl to me

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yeah she looks a bit ambiguous, but I intended the Fox to be a girl.

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Lol really good art and it’s like father and son dressed up in fox and wolf costumes
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Or a father and son out on the hunt. Interestingly, the father's hands look like they have sharp claws, which leads me to think that the father can turn into a werewolf, or he has some sort of special weapon. then again I'm spitballin here.

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You are right! He has claws. He's wilder XD

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Yeah, Im a genius!!

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just a simpler and cleaner style than I usually have. XD

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